About Me

I'm not a professional chef or anything even close to one. I don't have photography skills or lots of pretty props, plates or napkins. My kitchen is tiny and kind of ugly. You will not find any food porn here (I highly recommend food porn, though. It gets me in the mood and inspires me to try kinky new things in the kitchen). What you will find is documentation of a sloppy, messy cooking process from a busy, work-at-home mom with lots of irons in the fire. But just think, if I can do it, you probably can't do any worse. :)

I also live with two other people: My son loves meat but will eat whatever I cook and my boyfriend is mostly meatless but will still eat meat if it's offered to him elsewhere. Both still eat dairy. My son doesn't eat eggs.

My vegetarian journey started when I was about 14 years old and was living with a family who owned a cattle farm. Even though they were cattle farmers, they had no problem with me wanting to go vegetarian. They helped me buy my first subscription to Vegetarian Times and gave me free reign of the kitchen to make vegetarian dishes.

Since that time, I've been vegetarian off and on through my life and have battled all sorts of pressures both internal and external. Most recently, I've been through a journey from pescetarian to vegetarian to vegan that took me about 2 years. I went vegan on October 4, 2010. On my other journeys (with one vegetarian block lasting about 6 years) I feel I've always left a door open so that I can return to my former meat-eating ways. This time, taking it slow and thinking about each step, has given me a deeper sense of commitment and I feel as though I've finally closed that door forever.

I welcome everyone here, veterans and fellow noobs alike. I understand that the way we all get here is different. I understand that some of us may never be all the way here. I feel that everyone's efforts count for something and if writing about my journey may help you in any small way, I'm happy.

Health and life to all,