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New Day. New Dawn.

And I'm feeling good. Well, sort of. Mentally, I'm ready for this. I had a good run in September during Vegan MoFo until I got really sick and then things just went downhill. I was so tired. All I wanted was convenience. I just ate so much crap during and after that and I have never really fully recovered. Cheese. Dairy. Yes, even meat, sadly. No better time than the New Year, though. Renewal. New Beginnings. Motivation. I've got it now. Of course, I say this and part of it, I know, is because my husband is out of town and I'm not thinking about what it's going to be like when he gets back and I'm once again cooking for someone who doesn't really want to be full-on vegan, full-on all the time. It's hard sometimes when you're the one who does all the cooking. I feel a certain pressure to throw some chicken into the slow cooker for he and my son. Although, I feel like if I cooked some sort of beans or lentils every single day, the