Lil' Yellow Cake and Chocolate Frosting

So, I'm flipping through the cookbook I'm cooking through right now.

100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes by Kris Holechek

I realize that the recipe I made yesterday is very similar in style to the one on the next page, and that brings me to the conclusion that I don't want to cook straight through this, but rather I want to skip around. That way I'm not making 20 cookie recipes all in a row, either. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules in this cookthrough game, so I will do what I want.

At any rate, I get to the back of the book and I'm sort of skimming and see this recipe for a cake that calls for 5 teaspoons of flour.

Spit take.

Shut up.


I go back to the section's intro and realize that I have stumbled upon greatness. The author has veganized Easy Bake Oven recipes for children! And, well, for adults who like to be transported back to childhood, too!

What this means is that they also translate perfectly to the toaster oven which is sort of my food fetish. I don't know why. Could it be the cute little size of the thing? Could it be that it takes so much less energy? Could it be that it doesn't heat up the entire damn house when you just want to bake a couple of cookies? Could it be that it produces better warmed-up leftovers that the microwave? Could it be that sometimes I don't want to make 50 cookies or a giant layer cake? Could it be that if I am not sticking birds in my oven then I don't need a giant one anyway? Could it be that if I move into a tiny house (and by tiny I do not mean my 964 square foot house which is already technically considered tiny, but I mean a reallyreallyreally tiny) I will probably not own a full-sized oven, and so in my my mind I think I'm just getting ready? Living the tiny dream...

I just love the toaster oven. Squee!

When I got this toaster oven, I bought a set of little pans. These are the mini rounds made by Wilton and come in a set of three. Aren't they adorable?

And here they are filled with the batter. This recipe is on page 143 and the chocolate frosting recipe is on page 156. I tripled the recipe to make 3 layers and cut the frosting recipe in half.

I was using Almond Breeze almond milk and the batter wasn't as yellow as I wanted, so I altered the recipe just slightly and added a few drops of vanilla and a pinch of turmeric for color. The best (and cheapest) almond milk is always the one that you make yourself. It's kind of ridiculous the price of this stuff considering what's in it. I can make my own with as little as 1/2 cup of almonds. Sometimes I'm in a hurry, though, like when I'm hangry in the morning and just want a damn bowl of cereal. I like this one because it's the one that Costco sells by the case and it's shelf stable. That means it's easy to take camping or on a road trip, too.

Here is one of the finished cakes. Quarter shown for scale. Ha.

I am not the only one to make this cake and live to tell the tale:

  • JahLioness - a mix of two Lil' recipes to make a marble cake. Also points for cooking with an actual child!
  • Meet Your Treat - an itty bitty layer cake like mine

When I make a recipe I always like to find others who have made it, too, and link there so that you can see several examples of what it is supposed to look like or what mistakes others have made that you might be able to avoid.

You can also visit the author of this cookbook on her blog nom! nom! nom! or on her Facebook page where she is pimping a new cookbook about vegan ice cream sandwiches.

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  1. What! I have this book but never made the connection. Way cool!

    Also, yummy looking cake. :)

    1. These recipes are way at the back. Easy to miss!

  2. Wat a cute cake, looks delicious too.

  3. I must find this book. I love that cake. All things mini!

    1. It makes me want to have an itty bitty tea party.

  4. Oh my goodness! I coveted an easy bake oven something fierce as a child. I'm also in love with my toaster oven - this post just made my day. Thank you! -jean

    1. I used to go out and dig up clay and pretend mine was a kiln of sorts. I would shape the clay into letters for room decor. I would just spell things all over my room. My mom would have lost her mind if she'd known what I was doing in there with that thing.


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