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Report to Sick Bay

The last couple of weeks have been hell around here. Everyone is sick and it's holding on for dear life. It's moved into my chest. I'm not happy. I have been up since 3 a.m. puffing on my inhaler and struggling to breathe. Some of the questions I've asked myself lately: Is Luden's vegan? Is Ricola vegan? Is Mucinex vegan? Is Afrin vegan? Is albuterol vegan? Why do I have such a strong association with that certain non-vegan animal-based soup of my childhood when I have a cold? Why does the universe hate me? When will this ever end? How can one person produce this much snot? Why did this have to happen during VeganMoFo when I was trying to hard to have a fresh start? Why does the weather have to finally be so nice when I'm sick and all I want to do is be in bed? Why is the light so bright? Will the area between my nose and mouth ever heal? Where will I get the strength to stand up in the shower? Answers to those and other questions when this finally su

Chocolate Cherry-Filled Cookies

I'm busy doing a cookthrough of: 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes by Kris Holechek These are the Chocolate Cherry-Filled Cookies from page 42 if you're following along. I got the Tart Montmorency cherries in bulk at Costco. Well, I should say that my kid got them and I stole some for this recipe. I am glad I used a tart one because this is a sweet cookie! As always, here's the batter shot: It is a pretty thick batter and I was a little worried about that, but it was perfect for patting out it my hand. This is the first time I've ever made a cookie with a super secret middle. If you're looking at the cookie upon completion, as below, you can scarcely tell there's anything inside. But then if you bust it in half, there's a whole layer of cherries and gooey chocolate. First, you pat out some dough. Then you load it up with chips and cherries. Then you roll it up in your hand and seal it all into a ball, then roll in a plate of powdere

Peanut Butter Cookies (with Chocolate Chips)

In case you missed it or aren't a regular reader like my husband and son are forced to be, I'm doing a cookthrough of: 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes by Kris Holechek So far, so good. Nothing has sucked and this cookie recipe is no exception. It's just shot to the very top of my peanut butter cookie list. The edges are light and crisp and the center is chewy. This is just how I like 'em. You'll find this recipe on page 35. It didn't call for chips, but was a suggestion, so I added them because -- duh -- chocolate. It called for 1/2 cup, but after mixing, I could barely tell there were chips in there so I added another 1/4 cup. I also didn't let them cool for the full 10 minutes on the pan. They didn't seem to need it. Also, I rarely ever cook with parchment paper, which it called for. This is a really fatty cookie recipe, so since my pan is already nonstick, I didn't want to waste the paper. That stuff is expensive. Here is a look

Lil' Yellow Cake and Chocolate Frosting

So, I'm flipping through the cookbook I'm cooking through right now. 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes by Kris Holechek I realize that the recipe I made yesterday is very similar in style to the one on the next page, and that brings me to the conclusion that I don't want to cook straight through this, but rather I want to skip around. That way I'm not making 20 cookie recipes all in a row, either. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules in this cookthrough game, so I will do what I want. At any rate, I get to the back of the book and I'm sort of skimming and see this recipe for a cake that calls for 5 teaspoons of flour. Spit take. Shut up. No. I go back to the section's intro and realize that I have stumbled upon greatness. The author has veganized Easy Bake Oven recipes for children! And, well, for adults who like to be transported back to childhood, too! What this means is that they also translate perfectly to the toaster o

Vegan Lime Drop Cookies

Today, I am in the mood for cookies. After all, it's 99 degrees outside which means it's not 100 or above, so perfect for baking, right? I just don't care any more. I'm so tired of waiting for this weather to cooperate with my baking needs. I'm ready for fall weather already. I'm going to continue on a cookthrough journey I started a long time ago: 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes by Kris Holechek Disclaimer: I am not a super-skilled chef type person, just so you know, and I live in a house that is 964 square feet, so you can imagine how small my kitchen is. All this just proves you don't have to know how to cook to go vegan and you don't have to have a fancy pants gourmet kitchen set-up to make things that are edible. So, some things to know about this recipe. It is the Lemon Drop Cookies recipe on page 31. I was out of lemons, but just went to Costco and bought the mondo sized bag of limes, so I used those instead. I just got this

Begin Again

What a time to kick off the Vegan Month of Food this year. My first Vegan MoFo was in 2010 and it was in November. A big holiday month. A challenge to go from turkeys and hams to grain loaves and stuffed squashes and Tofurkeys. That year I had only been vegan for about a month, so I just caved and pre-ordered the vegan meal from Whole Foods. Easy! This holiday wasn't much different. I haven't been vegan for a while but I'm coming back around to it. I've spent roughly a year not thinking about whether or not there was cheese, milk, honey or a million other things in my food. And now, everything is new again. Except that I'm still lazy sometimes. And I'm still busy sometimes. And I still want the easy thing sometimes. Luckily, the tide is turning and there are more vegan foods out there than ever before. So, here is what I had for my Labor Day cookout: One of these things is not like the others. Maybe. This is something that you will probably e