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Vegan Beer Bread

This beer bread is usually made with honey and butter, which aren't vegan. Even the beer you choose could contain animal products, so you've got to be careful there, too. When you started this diet, did you ever think you'd have to worry about what's in your beer? There are the obvious ingredients like honey and lactose derived from milk products and I've seen brews that have things like bacon in them, too. The real hidden ingredient in beer, though, is fish. It's part of a process some brewers use. One popular brewer that uses this process is, sadly, Guinness. Read more about the process and find out if your beer or liquor is vegan at Barnivore . For this recipe, I used Samuel Adams Porch Rocker . It's a seasonal brew that came in a variety pack at Costco and it's vegan. It's also disgusting as a drink, but I don't want to waste it and thought the lemon flavor might be nice in some beer bread. For the butter I subbed Earth Balanc