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Dear Starbucks: Soy Shouldn't Even Be a Reward

Because it should just be free. Period. Every other coffee place around me offers that to their customers, so if Starbucks would like the loyalty of the folks who either choose soy for personal reasons (taste, less saturated fat, vegans) or out of necessity (dairy allergy, lactose intolerance) then they should change this policy. Some places even offer almond milk and rice milk for free so what gives? I hadn't actually been going to a Starbucks store for a while but we did purchase their House Blend from Costco quite often. It tasted good and was Fair Trade and was reasonably priced. Coffee can do a little bit of a number on my stomach, however, and my significant other likes his very strong. We do pour-over coffee each morning so that we both get it just to our tastes. Starbucks recently introduced some "Blonde" varieties and that was really the ticket for me. I had no problems with it at all and loved the lighter, smoother taste. I didn't want to buy the g