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Just Joined a CSA

So, you know how they say that your tastes change when you go vegan? Well, they do. Dr. Neal Barnard is always comparing it to the switch from whole milk to skim milk . After you've been drinking the skim milk for a few weeks, you get hold of some whole milk and it's practically like drinking cream. So it goes when you go vegan. At first you might miss the meat and feel like something is missing from everything you eat. You might not feel as satiated. But then, after some time passes that feeling lessens. You find yourself surprised by the simple flavors of a ripe tomato or the crunch of an almond. You feel full after eating a bowl of brown rice and veggies. You wonder just how long those oats are going to stick around because it's two hours past lunch time and you're still not hungry. If you've already been reducing your intake of meat for a while, this change happens pretty quickly. If you haven't, it takes about 3 weeks to a month. If you're