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Do I Still Have Non-Vegan Stuff in my Pantry?

I've been seeing this brown carton in the pantry out of the corner of my eye for quite a while now. It's a carton of Pacific chicken broth. I'd bought a case of it before going vegan and haven't been able to figure out a way of using it up. There are a couple of other food items like this still in the house. Things that only I would cook with in that former life. Boyfriend is still buying milk and cheese and breaded, frozen fish. My son is still eating it, too, though he's consuming way more rice milk and almond milk as time goes on. I continue to try and be an example. I continue to not exert pressure or anything like that. As I've said before, it's not like flipping a switch for everyone. And everyone makes mistakes even once they've tried to flip the switch. Intentionally or not. I know I have had those moments. I read a kind of heated exchange on Facebook recently where someone was saying that he excluded all the meat-eaters out of h

Vegan Ricotta Cheese

I made some ricotta cheese out of tofu a while back when I was making vegan tortellini . I was going just off of memory and it turned out pretty good. Basically, though, I just mixed silken tofu, olive oil and some lemon juice. Last night, I was about to get started on some pizza dough and -- serendipity -- the Whole Foods newsletter hit my box just as I was about to shut the lid on my computer. I skimmed through it, went to the site to see if there were any good coupons and happened upon this tofu ricotta recipe . I was intrigued because it uses extra firm tofu instead of silken and has stuff like tahini and white miso (which I just bought and want to use in everything). Bad phone pic taken by boyfriend who has a camera but insists on using my phone instead? He tasted it and said he got a hint of pickles off of it. I thought it tasted good. Something about it was really nice and I kept sneaking bites of it as I was making pizzas. It was much firmer and really he

Impromptu Super H Mart Haul

We just got a new Toyota Yaris and with the gas mileage savings, we decided to take a drive. We went and had lunch at Which Wich where the guy loaded up my Tomato and Avocado with so much hot pepper mix I thought I was going to die. And go to heaven! Except a fiery version of heaven where the burn is so good. Then, we went to Frys and wandered around aimlessly looking at video games and computers and whatnot. I did not buy Little Planet 2 despite its low price because, at boyfriend's urging, I realized with school starting it might clash a bit. And by clash a bit I mean derail me completely . Then, I got a hankering for some Super H Mart so we just drove right over there and grabbed a ton of tofu and other treats. I love that store more and more every time that I go. It's super easy to find vegan, stuff, too. Although you do have to watch out a little bit for things that sound like they might be innocuous enough, but then turn out to be completely meat. Like bonito.