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Not Vegan: Black Spaghetti

I'm one of those people who is drawn to the clearance items at a store like a moth to a flame. I've never even heard of black spaghetti, but saw it on the end cap at Target and was thinking, "That looks interesting!" So, I flip it over to see if it's vegan and... squid ink. It's colored with squid ink. Boo hiss.

Great Pecan or Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I made a batch of cookies for my boyfriend's mom for Mother's Day recently. They were made with Earth Balance and other vegan ingredients, but I happened to have a couple of eggs leftover from a science experiment my son did last semester that were still good, so I used those. I felt really bad buying them in the first place but even worse about the possibility of throwing them away. (A whole other topic I need to write about one of these days!) It was basically the Tollhouse recipe subbing pecans for the chocolate chips. Despite the egg content, I tasted a bite of them to make sure they were good. They tasted all right, but something was just off about them and I was kind of sad to send them away to her. You know, when you cook for someone in order to honor them as part of a special day like Mother's Day, you want them to be able to stand up to that task of honoring. These did not. The universe gave me a second chance recently and this time I set out to find a grea