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When Are You Vegan?

Bob Harper tweeted today that he had some egg whites. (I saw this in my Facebook newsfeed from .) Is this the personal trainer cum Quaker Oats guy? You know, people who are prone to allergies should not be eating a single food every single day or they run the risk of developing a problem with that food. That's the first thing I thought when I saw his commercials. (I should qualify that by saying that I have a friend on the rotation diet right now with an oat allergy so that's the first thing I think when I hear anyone say "I eat X every day" like he did in the commercials.) Also, I thought, those Quaker Oats would be a lot more nutritious if it took, say, 10 minutes to cook instead of 1. But that's just how my oats roll. Or don't, as the case may be. I'm not above convenience for sure, but I'm just sayin'. Anyway, in the Facebook comments, folks are all pissed off because it's one more celebrity who has flirted with vegan