Project Food Budget: Week 14

My Walmart has a pico de gallo station...

This week, boyfriend did the shopping with a list I made. He did a pretty good job and is way better than I am at sticking to the list. And he went to Walmart (because he needed dental floss) which is about his least favorite place on Earth.

It was sort of like I was there since we were being nerdy with the phones. He sent me pictures of labels so I could check for vegan or otherwise undesirable ingredients (did you know that Walmart corn tortillas have methylparaben and propylparaben in them? Bleck!). And when he shops we also text back and forth about price fluctuations (Coffee's gone up $3 this week, WTF? Abort! Abort! I'll just drink tea!).

He was surprisingly peaceful when he got home. I guess that's because he went to the 'hood Wally World instead of the big 'en.

There was going to be a Costco trip, but the week just kept trucking along and I never went. I'm not going to be able to go this weekend either, so I guess it will get pushed off onto next week's trip. Or maybe I can push it back till after the Amex closes on the 16th. The coupons don't start until the 14th anyway. I've got to stop going to Costco during the limbo week when the last coupons have expired and the new ones haven't started yet. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten screwed that way.

Also, we're going to visit family this weekend and I'm sure I will need to stop off at H-E-B or Whole Foods to pick up some munch type food. I may have to amend this slightly when I get back. (Do I smell a Boca chik in my future?)

What I he bought:

Lettuce 1.25
Corn Tortillas 1.68
Cabbage 1.82
Bananas x 4 .72
Cilantro .48
Limes x 6 1.98
Orzo x 2 3.24
Onions x 3 3.15
JalapeƱos x 4 .26
Avocados x 2 1.56
Canola Oil 2.88
Milk for Omnis 2.19
Total 21.21


No splurges so far!

Bottom Line

Just $21.21. I should send boyfriend to shop more often. That's less than half of my new, reduced budget of $50 and leaves me with almost $30 to spend on backup food while we're eating away from home. I haven't bought any plants yet (which is where I diverted the other $25 that used to be in my food budget). Pollen has been phenomenally high and I've had a couple of severe allergy days that served as warnings that I should not be outside. That means I have that $25 to bank toward plants in another week. Rollover garden dollars!

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  1. you're funny. the back and forth generally happens when i send the hubster to the store.

    and btw - loved the abort, abort, abort comment about the coffee.

  2. Oh my word a pico de gallo station!!! I would go crazy...I would try to hold back but, I would more than likely go overboard and buy way too much!!lol That's awesome.
    Great job on the budget..I have a question is that all you buy for the week? Or do you buy more during the week..cause your my hero Stephanie!!!!


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