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Wordless Wednesday: Vegan Banh Mi Chay

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Project Food Budget: Weeks 11 and 12

Week 11 Last week, we went camping for Spring Break. We went to what was the only available camp site in the entire state. It was also the driest part of the state and there was a burn ban in effect. I've never been camping while vegan before, so I figured it would be a challenge to replace the food I used to eat when camping. A burn ban would surely make it worse since we couldn't cook anything over a fire. Living in Texas, however, we're no stranger to burn ban camping. We were camping at a state park so had water and electricity which meant we could use our electric burner and other tools (crock pot, etc.) if necessary.

Wordlezz Wednezday: Lazy Starchapalooza featuring BBQ Ribz Sammiez, Canz of Veggiez and Potatoez

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Internet... Down!

I just got back from camping on Wednesday night and came back home to find my cable and Internet down. I used yesterday as a laundry / recuperation day, so sorry no food budget news. The cable guy is coming to fix it now (in theory) so I can use more than the phone... Then I'll be able to talk about how vegan camping was with a burn ban in effect.

Vegan Pizza and Fake Cheese Thoughts

So, I bought some fake cheese recently by Daiya . I got cheddar and mozzarella shreds. I really didn't notice the taste of the cheddar in anything. I put it on tacos and a baked potato and some other foods, but it really was barely noticeable in taste or texture. The bottom line I find with these is that I can do without them. They do turn a bit liquid when melting, though, so macaroni and cheese might be a good way to use these. I am going to try that in the future.

Project: Food Budget, Week #10

Target's section of frozen vegan and vegetarian offerings isn't too bad, I suppose, but the prices are kind of crazy considering how big box this place is... But hey, organic limes were the same price as regular limes and they were good and juicy. I think sometimes it balances out somehow. I do love how there's a giant shrimp cocktail right above the "meatless" section, though. Nice touch.

Wordless Wednesday: Supermarket Vegan Linguine with Almonds, Breadcrumbs and Olives

Recipe on p. 84 of Supermarket Vegan

Project: Food Budget, Week #9

That's a game I like to play called, "Where can we eat for free this week? Taco Cabana? FreeBirds? Which Wich? Qdoba? Central Market Cafe?" This week will be mostly a pantry / gift-or-frequent-eater card raid. Seasons, they are a changin' and I want to pare the cabinet stock down even more before I start making springy dishes and doing less baking. I've got a few weeks right now that the weather will still allow me to use the oven without turning the house into one. It's Texas, after all. The heat is never far off.