Project: Food Budget, Week #8

This week, I went to Kroger and I think it may be only the second time since I've gone vegan. I stopped by their little faux food area and they have a pretty good selection actually, even though I think they're even pricier than Whole Foods on some of this stuff. This wasn't all they had to offer in the way of vegan, vegetarian or organic but it's the section that calls to me sort of like the Sirens.

I'm happy to report that I did not wreck the ship and buy anything from it this week, though I did get some tempeh and tofu at Whole Foods. I don't think those count as junk, though, even though I do fit them into all the places where meat or cheese used to go. I like to think of those two things as upgrades.

In other news, I got a new cookbook this week (Supermarket Vegan) and I'm going to be sprinkling in some recipes from that and other books I need to explore. I've got quite a collection going now. LOVE!

My Main Meals:

Extras (I have everything for these in the pantry):

  • Pancakes
  • French Toast
  • Cold Cereals
  • Muffins
  • Oatmeal
  • Nut Butter on Toast
    Snacks and Other:
  • Lemon Gem Cupcakes (Vegan with a Vengeance p. 228)
  • Chocolate Pudding (anyone got a good recipe? Please share a link! otherwise it will be this recipe since I already have everything for it)

What I bought:

Black Truffle Oil 14.99
Shiitakes .28 pound 4.20
Criminis .66 pound 2.63
Arborio Rice 4.79
Shallots .84 pound 3.35
"Chicken" Broth Powder (bulk) 1.20
Kalamata Olives .19 pound 1.90
Garlic Stuffed Green Olives
.12 pound 1.20
Vegan Caesar Dressing 3.99
Soy Tempeh 2.69
$1 Off Coupon -1.00
Extra Firm Tofu 1.79
Mustard Seeds (bulk) .35
Bag Refund -.20
NASCAR Oreos 2.97
Cilantro .59
Flat-Leaf Parsley .59
Linguine x 2 2.00
Fire-Roasted Tomatoes 1.19
Fire-Roasted Salsa Tomatoes 1.19
Spring Mix Greens 3.69
Panko Bread Crumbs 1.79
Milk for the Omnivores 1.99
Potatoes 5 pounds 1.99
Green Bell Pepper x 1 .99
Lemons 1.12 pounds 1.68
Total 62.54


The most obvious splurges are these $3.99 and $14.99 bits:

Black truffle oil and vegan Caesar dressing. I think I just need to taste some of the veganized versions of this dressing to see what I need to do to put together one of my own. I miss Caesar salad something fierce. And the oil, I'm using it for the mushroom risotto from Vegan with a Vengeance. I wasn't going to get it, but I knew that I would always be wondering what I missed and I knew I was going to come a little under my budget if I was careful in other ways. This risotto is going to be special, dammit.

Besides, I told boyfriend I was going to Whole Foods and he said, "Get something fun." That somehow made it OK. Although, the real fun I already got at Target and it's not part of my grocery budget. But it is vegan! Who knew these suckers are normally made with casein. What the hell?

Oh, and I couldn't resist these Oreos. Oreos are vegan, which is kind of crazy. We have a home school social day coming up Friday so I want to make sure that me and Haley (Jacob's friend who went vegan around the time I did) and Jacob are covered in the vegan junk food department. No gathering of teenagers is complete without cookies.

Truly, though, I had to get these because they are co-branded with NASCAR. Wooooooohyeah, Dog!!!! I mean, NASCAR is a circle. Oreos are a circle. It's like they were meant to be. Plus the coupling of NASCAR Oreos and black truffle oil really gets down to the core of who I really am as a person. Ha.

Bottom Line

I had a big splurge. All in all, this one meal led me to about $35 in purchases. But I think it will add to my quality of life. I will make a risotto that even Gordon Ramsey won't be able to toss in the rubbish bin. I still managed to come in under my $75 budget at 62.54, so I can't complain.

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  1. Oooooh, the Snobby Joes from VCON are my new fave. And super easy. Let us know how the risotto turns out (and if the truffle oil was worth it--I've never tried it!).

  2. I love lentil dal!! I'm going to have to try one of thsoe risotto recipes too

  3. I'm curious to hear how the recipes from Supermarket Vegan are. I recently got Appetite for Reduction and they have a great caesar dressing--that you put on a caesar salad with eggplant bacon. It's amazing!!!

  4. I love Truffle Oil! Do you guys have a Trader Joes? They have a decent deal on it if I remember right..

    Congrats on being under budget even with the oil!

  5. snobby joes is one of the few recipes from veganomicon that we liked!

    hope the truffle oil was worth it. ;-)

  6. Great blog.Truffle oil is pricey huh? A least you got a vegan surprise for the BF. Stephanie I have a recipe for Vegan caesar here:

  7. The truffle oil was definitely worth it. I will post pictures later today. Too bad I can't post smells and tastes.

    Melody, wish I had a Trader Joes. Really really wish. All we have is the crazy cousin of that grocery family: Aldi.

    The Supermarket Vegan recipe turned out great, so I'm going to keep trying more. I meant to do a Wordless Wednesday post of it this week, but I've been swamped over here.

    Thanks for the recipe GiGi!


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