Mahatma Red Beans and Rice - Not Vegan, Duh!

I've had some of these hanging around the house so thought I would make some up for lunch. Strangely, I've never even questioned this particular little package of red beans and rice before but now, upon closer scrutiny, I see that I shouldn't have even eaten these during my vegetarian days.

Contains: Powdered beef broth and bacon fat.

Why did I think they were OK? I guess because, even when I was eating meat, I didn't make homemade red beans and rice with any animal ingredients, except as an afterthought if I threw some sausage in there when it was done cooking.

Oh well. It's not like those highly sodium-laced packages are the best thing for me anyway, but was just looking for a little convenience since yesterday was the first day I was back in the kitchen since the surgery. I wonder if any of them are without animal products?

Label reading time... The following Mahatma rice mixes look acceptable upon vegan noob inspection:

  • Authentic Spanish Rice
  • Classic Pilaf
  • Long Grain and Wild Rice
  • Saffron Yellow

Meanwhile, here are some red beans and rice recipes that I'm going to try soon that have 0.00 animals in them and also a lot less of the other ick (partially hydgrogenated oils, etc.) that's in the mixes:

  • Real Louisiana Red Beans and Rice (Sans Animaux) — I like this one because the picture shows that it's saucy. I prefer that over the versions where the beans are dry, intact and mixed in with fluffy rice.
  • Beans and Rice for Lazies — I might try this one because I'm a lazy. I'll just sub a can of red beans for the pintos and maybe add some Cajun seasonings.
  • Red Beans and Brown Rice (Vegan) — This looks really simple and bland, so I might make it when my kiddo is eating with me. The tomatoes and spices give him heartburn. I can spice up my own serving with some Marie Sharp's Habanero Sauce.
  • Crockpot Vegan Red Beans and Rice — This recipe looks good because it can go in my slow cooker. It's not seeing much use since I'm not eating meat so I'm definitely on the lookout for more recipes like this.

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